Previously, I was a multimedia journalist and a graphic designer.


A motion graphic commercial to help promote LinkedIn's brand and recruit LinkedIn Influencers in China. Created when I was a Special Projects Editor on LinkedIn's editorial team. 


A multimedia campaign to promote Northwestern's new student portal, project consists of a motion graphics commercial, posters and branding (logo) design.  Created when I was a Graphic Designer at Northwestern Student Affairs.

SES_One Form_Logo_White.png


I designed static and motion graphics to deliver information and convey emotions.

Empty Bowl Luncheon

Marketing Campaign / Graphic Design / Photography

Making Peace group
promotional campaign
Make Peace with...

Graphic Design /

Marketing Campaign

Low-Poly Rabbit

Graphic Design / Personal Project

Build her a myth
promotional campaign
Build her a myth

Graphic Design / Exhibition Poster

Norris Exam Relief

Graphic Design / Event Guide


Graphic Design / Promotional Campaign

Making Peace group
promotional campaign
Game Room Rental

Graphic Design / Illustration

Making Peace group
promotional campaign
Published Children's Book Cover

Graphic Design /

Book Cover Design


I told stories through videos, infographics, writings and other digital forms. 


I'm still a storyteller even now. By treating the target users as protagonists and constructing user personas with rich descriptions, I can understand users’ needs and bring meaningful changes in their lives, just like how I tried to bring impact to the lives of people I interviewed and filmed by telling their stories.

Emmy Winning Documentary: "A Full House"

A documentary about a mix-racial couple who moved to one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods, Englewood, and built their backyard into a communal playground for kids on the block. Their house later became the location of their non-profit organization, the Chicago Eco House, a house of love and hope.

Welltended How-To Videos

> Social Media Videos

> December 2017

I created a series of how-to videos for Welltended, a plant retail startup that tries to build a presence on social media. You can see here characteristics of social media videos including text-on-screen style and square format. I created the opening and the ending logo animation as well. 

Campus projects
Northwestern Dance Marathon in 2 minutes

> Time Lapse Video

> Nov 2015

A creative time lapse video that showed Northwestern Dance Marathon, a 30 hours fundraising event, in a few minutes. I filmed the video using a GoPro Hero 3+.

Northwestern Prospie Travia

> Man-on-the-street Video

> April 2016

We asked Northwestern University prospective students some trivia questions about Northwestern. I filmed and edited the video and created a fun opening sequence for this special program.