LinkedIn Chinese Influencer Promotional Video

Motion Graphic Commercial


Mobile-Friendly Video


100 Hours



Independent Project​



April 2018​


Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects



A motion graphic promotional video I created for LinkedIn Chinese Editorial team.


The video introduces LinkedIn and explains the benefits of becoming an opinion leader on LinkedIn. 


The vertical-oriented video was created specifically for the WeChat platform, the primary tool of communication Chinese professionals use, also the tool that editors use for networking and outreach. 



When I was an editor based in LinkedIn's New York office, I initiated this project to help our editors in China promote LinkedIn’s brand and invite Chinese professionals to become Community Opinion Leaders (COLs) on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn's editorial team manages a COL program, which consists of successful industry leaders whose opinions matter and who create an impact on the platform. We have yielded tremendous success connecting with influencers in the U.S., and hoped to onboard just as many COLs in China.


Writing script​

Communicating with 

LinkedIn Chinese editorial team


Sketching storyboard


Receiving feedback from

LinkedIn Chinese editorial team

Illustrating graphics

Animating and editing video 


Receiving feedback, edits from

LinkedIn editorial, legal

and marketing teams,

and revising according.



I created a flat-animation styled video that fits LinkedIn’s professional brand image, yet still possesses a fun, upbeat energy that attract viewers. Knowing people's mobile usage habit, I limited the video to 30 seconds, and put text on the screen so that people can watch it without audio.

I started the video with a question to pique the audience's interests: “Do you find it hard to make yourself heard?” Then I used bold colors and text, informational examples to keep the viewer informed and interested. The hook of the video plays on cultural reference: an ancient Chinese hermit represents  someone who keeps his professional opinion to himself. So he will need to come to LinkedIn to express his unheard ideas. 

9-grid storyboard with initial design concepts.

Some example frames showing how I'm able to play on cultural element while keeping a modern look.