A full House


"A Full House" is a 15-minute Emmy-winning documentary film I co-directed. The film tells the story of a mix-racial couple who moved to one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods, Englewood, and built their backyard into a communal playground for kids on the block. Their house later became the location of their non-profit organization called the Eco House. 


I co-directed "A Full House" with Isabella Jiao and Cindy Qian, my classmates at Medill. We spent three months at the Eco House with our protagonists, Quilen and Hannah Blackwell, and filmed over 60 hours of footages. The three of us all filmed and edited the video. In addition to sequencing the storyline and editing the main part of the film, I also created the title sequence and video montages at the beginning and the end of the film.


The film took 6 months on this film, from January to June 2017. I returned after the film ended to film Quilen and Hannah's newly born babies in August 2017.


The couple, Quilen and Hannah Blackwell, founded the Eco House to host after-school programs for kids. We first learned about their non-profit from a news story. At eco house, Quilen and Hannah taught the children about cutting-edge technology like 3D printing, and sustainable gardening, right in their house. The Eco House is a community house full of laughter, hope, conflicts and growth. The couple hoped to nurture and look after the young children in the neighborhood who lack the resources otherwise.


A Full House was awarded the Chicago/Midwest Chapter College Emmy in the Long Form (Fiction and Non-Fiction) category in 2016-2017.